I'm a mixed media Deaf artist. I’m a painter, graphic designer, video editor, photographer, and also make sculptures and fiber work art installations.

I have graduated with distinction from Concordia University in Montreal, QC. I have a Bachelors in Fine Arts with a Major in Studio Arts.

I have been drawing since the age of 4.

I have been using my art as a means of communication, to compensate for my loss of hearing. I taught myself how to draw at first, then paint.

By the age of 10, I was continuously astonishing people around me with my creativity.

I enrolled in my first professional art classes at 16. I also took jewelry making classes and photography classes, making this the first time I explore different media as an artist.

At 17, I had my first art exhibition at Saidye Bronfman in Montreal, QC.

At 25, I joined Seeing Voices Montreal (SVM) a non profit organization dedicated to the Deaf community in Montreal. I was cast as a Deaf Silly Dwarf in Deaf Snow White play. This was my first experience to act in a professional play. For their second play, the Little Mermaid, I was responsible for their set design and used my graphic design skills to make their promotional kits. I was also part of the Seen & Heard Documentary about that play. Today I’m still working as a video editor and graphic designer for SVM.

I also teach Art classes and ASL classes.

For two years I worked as a video editor for Cineall TV.

Art is my passion and my way of communicating with the world. I love to work with a lot of media. My next goal is to add storytelling and illustrating to my achievements. And who knows...maybe become an animator / cinematographer one day too!